Schüle aluminium foundry

Aluminum castings from professionals

We produce high-quality sand castings from aluminum – with the highest standards of quality and dimensional accuracy.

The two proprietors Alexander and Matthias Schüle pursue the goal to consistently further develop their performance and output through constant innovation. Intensive customer support, highest quality standard as well as fast response and production time are the company’s main principles.

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Product samples

Gearbox Housing
for automatic transmission of cars
Weight: 22kg
Cores: 3 cores
Alloy: G-AlSi9Cu3
Water pump housing
Weight: 1,7kg
Core package with 14 cores
Alloy: G-AlSi10Mg
welded with air box
Alloy: G-AlSi10Mg
Oil pans for trucks
Weight: 16 kg
Cores: 3 cores
Alloy: G-AlSi9Cu3
Wall thickness: 4mm
Camshaft housing
Weight: 7kg
Core package with 14 cores
Alloy: G-AlSi9Cu3
Exhaust manifold
Weight: 2,1kg
Machine-moulded with 3 cores
Alloy: G-AlSi7Mg 0,3 T6

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