Individual support and development

Over 50 years of experience make our products superior

In order to guarantee a perfect product, the main goal of our company is casting ‘in lost moulds’.

This involves individual support for the development, design and manufacture of your cast parts provided by our highly qualified team. With our long-term experience in casting, our specialist know-how and our modern production facilities we make sure that our customers always get a perfect product.

We offer a wide range of 14 different alloys as well as food product and aluminium titanium alloys. Moreover, we design cast parts according to your specific needs and requirements and offer competent advice and support throughout the making of the cast parts, no matter whether it is a prototype or a series of 1000 items.

Simulation of mould filling

During the simulation process the metal stream filling the mould is simulated. This allows us to identify porous areas and react accordingly.