From the beginning until today

A short overview of the company’s history.

At the age of 22, Werner Schüle founded the company Metallgiesserei Schüle in 1957. After finishing an apprenticeship as hand moulder, he decided to set up his own business.

With the help of his father Julius Schüle, who worked as a truck driver for a big foundry in Stuttgart, he successfully established contacts to acquire customers and solicit orders.
And this is how production of the first casting parts started:
After the price per kilogram was simply marked directly on the model with a piece of chalk – things got going.

Mould making took place on Monday, metal was melted in a self-built oven powered by coke on Tuesday, pouring and fettling of castings was done on Wednesday and on Thursday the finished parts were delivered to the customers with the private car.

In the course of the years the number of customers increased steadily and the owner, Werner Schüle was able to buy new machinery and at the same time recruit more and more employees.
The company was constantly expanding employing already 50 people by 1995.

This was the year, when Werner Schüle’s two sons, Alexander and Matthias took over the management of the foundry and since then have successfully continued the development of the company.

Today, the company employs a workforce of 80 people and is one of the leading aluminium foundries in the southern part of Germany.